Montana County to Hold Public Hearings on Zoning Rules for Crypto Miners Amid Growing Complaints

Another U.S. county is facing troubles related to crypto mining activities within its territory. This time, the second-largest county in Montana is the protagonist of the story, who will look forward to revisiting local zoning for mining operators.

Authorities to Decide on Making Current Rules Permanent

According to KPAX, Missoula County authorities seek to hold a series of public hearings addressing the matter. In fact, they are targeting to make zoning rules for bitcoin (BTC) mining activities permanent in the county.

The Missoula County Planning Board already held the first conversations at the start of this week, said the local media outlet.

The tale of the county’s relationship with crypto mining dates back to April 2019. Hyperblock, a Canadian company, built several 20-megawatt mining warehouses at the time. In the beginning, authorities praised the fact that such a move brought several jobs and revenues to the county.

However, neighbors started to complain about the mining machines, fan noise, and raising concerns about potential environmental impacts. The authorities were forced to take urgent measures to regulate mining activities in Missoula.

Hyperblock didn’t have a positive stance towards the new local zoning rules, and afterward, they decided to file for bankruptcy in May 2020.

Cheap Hydroelectric Prices Attracts Crypto Miners to Missoula County

The ongoing interim rules are due to expire in April 2021. However, the county will decide on whether or not to make the regulation permanent after holding “multiple sessions of public comment,” said KPAX.

Missoula County is an attractive hotspot for bitcoin miners due to its cheap hydroelectric power. Although there is no decision in place, miners could be looking for other crypto mining-friendly U.S. counties.

A similar situation is happening in a region in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Bitcoin’s bull-run seen at the end of 2020 put the public utility districts (PUD) in Central Washington on high alert, monitoring for suspiciously high power bills.

Officials claimed crypto miners from China have come to the region to take advantage of its low hydroelectricity prices.

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