Miami Publishes Bitcoin White Paper on City’s Website

A new fight over the status of the Bitcoin whitepaper is beginning to draw attention from several industry stakeholders and even beyond. Following the footsteps of foreign agencies, a possibly Bitcoin-friendly city in the United States has published a draft of the document.

Miami Declares for Crypto

Recently, the city of Miami joined the ranks of organizations publishing the Bitcoin whitepaper on their websites. A draft of the document is now available on the municipal’s official website, with several insiders revealing that the initiative was spurred by Mayor Francis Suarez.

The crypto-friendly mayor has made his sentiments about the leading cryptocurrency clear, saying in a tweet from last year that Bitcoin had been a “stable investment” in an “incredibly unstable year.”

The mayor added that he was learning more about Bitcoin from top industry figures like Anthony Pompliano and Tyler Winklevoss. Now that he seems to know more about it, he is working round the clock to turn Miami into a notable crypto hub.

Bring It On, Craig

The publishing is yet another show of defiance from crypto-friendly governments, which began following a spat between, a Bitcoin Core development site, and self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright.

Last week, announced in a blog post that it, along with fellow Bitcoin Core developers, had gotten a letter from Wright’s lawyers, asking them to take down the Bitcoin whitepapers on their websites. The letter reiterated Wright’s claim of being Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, adding that he was the original copyright holder of the whitepaper. explained that while had taken down its draft, it would not budge to Wright’s demands. The development group explained that the Bitcoin whitepaper was published under the free and permissive license of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Wright had so far failed to provide substantial proof that he is indeed Nakamoto.

Since then, several companies and municipalities have posted the Bitcoin whitepaper in an act of defiance to Wright. Square Crypto, Coin Center, and Project Novi are just a few of the standout names. Yesterday, The Block also reported that Estonia’s e-Residency program, a visa application initiative for tech entrepreneurs in the European country, had also published the whitepaper.

Wright is already an infamous name for his repeated claims to being Nakamoto and his litigious nature. Surely, Wright can’t sue them all.